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Marilyn Allysum

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In this collection of paintings, nature is the theme. Her work evokes intense images of mist filled space, a moment of time captured and reawakens our memories, of quiet reflections amidst the business of our lives. It is not an escape but a drawing of one into the spell of the infinite revealing itself in the finite.

As a young child drawing was a focused part of each evening. At age 18 an exhibition of Asian Art gave her direction. She was taught in Classical techniques of Chinese Brush Painting, whereby the brush becomes an extension of the whole being. Her brush movement stems from the deep well-spring root received by 40+ years of T’ai Chi Ch’uan and meditation practices. No sketches or preliminary drawing is done on the painting threshold – the artist prepares oneself, then allows the nature or spirit of the subject to spring forth. The essence of the delicate brush and paper does not allow one to modify, or adjust the stroke without spoiling the effect of the whole picture.

As expressed in the Manual, The Way of Chinese Brush Painting by Mai-mai Sze “each brushstroke should be a living idea. Brushwork is thus the direct expression of the mind in action. Its function is to make visible the invisible. The power to do this is often referred to as pi li (brush strength), a term embracing skill and dexterity and, of equal if not greater importance, the mental and spiritual motivation.” In order to manifest a rhythm of balance and harmony, it is necessary to cultivate “stilling the heart” – a state of inner quietness that relates to the silence of the Tao and its processes.

Teacher Peter Mo Woo

Marilyn Allysum with Peter Mo Woo

Marilyn Allysum with Peter Mo Woo

Marilyn’s renowned teacher, Peter Mo Woo, was a preeminent Chinese brush painter originally from Canton, China and settled in San Francisco, CA.  He was a master artist of the highest order in traditional Chinese painting techniques. His landscapes capturing cloud and mist, won an International Award in Hong Kong, China in 1999. Mr. Woo trained under Lui Sang Wang in the southern Ling Nan Style, which is noted for its colorful approach.

The authentic nature of Mr. Woo’s work reminds one that art for art’s sake is alive and flourishing. His concepts and brushwork, provide a unique essence, something that implies a true greatness.

Peter Mo Woo

Peter Mo Woo at Marilyn’s Gallery

An innovative and exciting Chinese Brush Painter, Marilyn has developed her own inimitable style. The phenomena of the natural world is reproduced subtly, with effortless effort, and intuitive improvisation, the brush describing and creating in one swift flowing spontaneous movement, entrancing the beholder. Trained in the southern Ling Nan Style, which is noted for its colorful approach.

Wang Dong Ling: Marilyn’s Calligraphy Teacher

Wang Dongling

Wang Dongling and Marilyn


Working under the tutelage of China’s Master calligraphy artist was monumental for me in addressing the precision of the necessary brush strokes for my work. Wang Dongling, Professor and Artist at China National Academy of Fine Arts Hangzhou, China, was a guest artist in Minnesota for 4 years and I had the great gift of studying with him. Upon his return to China, he took 11 of my paintings, had them mounted as silk scrolls and honored our friendship by inscribing a poem on his favorite painting: Tiger Lilies Paradise Garden. Another honor was when he gifted me with his painting of Wu Wei in running grass style after I hosted him to give a calligraphy workshop in Minneapolis.

Wang Dongling and MarilynAllysum

Wang Dongling and Marilyn


A Brief Biography of Marilyn Allysum as an Artist

Marilyn at her studio

Marilyn at her studio

1975: Art Instructor, Genesee Community College, N.Y.

1977: Collenwalde Fine Art Center, Atlanta, GA.

1981: Formal study of Chinese Brush Painting: The Four Gentlemen

1983 – 1998: Member of Edina Art Center, MN.

1990’s through present:

Studied Calligraphy: Professor Wang Dongling

Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts

Hosted Calligraphy Workshop Wang Dongling

Exhibition, Hang Zhou, China

Dragon Exhibition, MN.

Edina Art Center, MN.

Tilopa Tai Chi Qigong Center, Minneapolis MN.

Dayton-Hudson Foundation, Fashbash Show/ Serenity, MN.

Dayton-Hudson Foundation, Fengshui Homeshow, MN.

Member Ming Chiao Chapter Asian Brush Painting Assoc.

Formal Study under Master Brush Painter: Peter Mo Woo


Hosted Brush Painting Workshops Peter Mo Woo

Seaside Gallery, Wailea Maui, Hawaii

Pacific Gallery, Front Street, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Shelton Historic Theatre Gallery, Redwing, MN.

Blakes Resort Art Sales, Wailea Maui, Hawaii

Lynnhurst Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.

Unitarian Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.

MauiLotus Asian Art Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.

American Art Collector 2015, 2016, 2017

Marilyn at the Mauilotus Gallery

At the Mauilotus Gallery

Spirituality of Art and Process:
“Abstract paintings like Marilyn Allysum’s wax philosophically using Feng Shui as her Modus.” Once an artist interacts with a blank canvas, it appears to “take on a life of its own, like some kind of meditation.”- Glenn R. Steiner

Private Collectors:

United States, China, India, Canada, South America, Australia


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