MauiLotus into spring

Mahalo to everyone who attended my Maui Open Studio weekend recently!

What a wonderful time to share with all who came the stories and spirit of the Tai Chi that dances my brush into scenes of sweeping bamboo blades dancing in the wind, wild horses flinging their manes, gentle lotus flowers nested on serene waters, and the vivid colors of our Maui reefs and marine life that give us so much inspiration.

Recent new additions to my portfolio depict the luminous mountains, waterfalls banked in clouds and mist, a nurturing scene of the deep vastness of West Maui Mountains. Egrets flock through the valley and lift their wings into the sunset in this landscape watercolor painting.

Another new work of mine was created after letting the incense imbued ink stick thicken the water slowly and distinctly as a contemplative mood arose, then dipping my brush into freshly prepared and ground colors, to bring in evening enchantment of soft moon glow through the ocean mist with golden bamboo stalks appearing and bending to the music of the night. This is a dream filled painting that lets the eye flow through evening’s magic uninterrupted.

Painting fish is another favorite of mine, giving time to let their feelings express through their eyes as well as their movement through blue and turquoise waters, swimming through tendrils of wisteria blossoms, or banana leaf fronds. The latest work gives focus to three parrotfish gliding amidst long sweeping vines in bloom with fragrant flowers.

Then there is a contemporary work, giving the rainbow colors of Maui a new flavor as the circle meets square in a series of yin yang color selections that have blue bamboo threading the scene together in what I call: Bamboo Matrix.