New Art Exhibit TAI CHI Brush : JOURNEY IN The paintings of Marilyn Allysum Chinese Watercolor Artist

OPEN HOUSE: Meet the Artist and “talk story”
October 6: 7 – 9 PM
Lynnhurst Gallery
4501 Colfax Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN. 55409

“In the reflective mood of these paintings,
the open space is as important as the filled space.
When the brush touches the paper, it is important for the self
to be in that still place, to allow something
radiating from a higher place to come through.
Then we use the intelligence, logic, and discipline to give it form.
The transformative vital energy Qi that is cultivated from years of Tai Chi Qigong practice and meditation,
leads the brush into a journey of the spirit ~
That which heals, helps, serves, and reunites
comes from somewhere deep inside to unite with the
Oneness in all.”

About the Artist

An innovative and exciting Chinese Brush Painter, Marilyn has developed her own inimitable style.
The phenomena of the natural world is reproduced subtly, with effortless effort, and intuitive improvisation, the brush describing and creating in one swift flowing spontaneous movement, entrancing the beholder.
She was trained in the southern Ling Nan Style, which is noted for its colorful approach.
You are invited to explore a collection of exceptional fine art.