Harriet Lives

In the once pristine waters of the Chain of Lakes, Lake Harriet was said to have bears foraging the berry bushes surrounding the waters edge. The bottom of the lake reflected rose quartz settlings and all was calm for the swimming inhabitants there.

Upon my recent return from Maui, where mornings still bring us to waters clear and pure, I entered the now algae infested waters of dear Lake Harriet. The Twin Cities lakes are going through hard times, as drain waters dump in large amounts of lawn fertilizers, weed and feed pollutants, and waste.

While standing in knee deep waters, I noticed a shadowy movement that became visible upon approach. Her large form was shy and she waited. By her caution and style, she had obviously lived in this lake a long time. I sent her loving thoughts.

A father, holding his toddler son, waded in next to me when the young boy also spotted “Harriet”. . I told him to send his Aloha to her so that she would know that it was safe to approach us. He was delighted and she responded to his joy by coming near. She swam right up to us and then became still. The father was alarmed at her large size and became uncomfortable, but I continued talking to his son about the love that can be felt by the power of our thoughts. As the little boy watched Harriet, he continued to shower her with love. The father watched as boy and fish exchanged sweet glances. Harriet made no sudden moves as she slowly bid us Aloha. Father and son both thanked me for these precious moments, and I related other ocean stories of Aloha with fish, sea turtles, manta ray, dolphins, and humpback whales.

In honor of Harriet and her long life, this portrait came into being.

– Marilyn Allysum


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