Wild Horse Flings Its Mane

Yes, I truly had to meet this magnificent one in order to render his power, wisdom, delicacy and compassion. This meeting took place at the beginning of 2002 Year of Horse!

On a spring morning I set out with a student of mine on a day trip to explore West Maui Mountains leeward side. We approached the switchback narrow roads from a counterclockwise direction, so that our car was cliffside as we crawled forward.

I had placed a talk that my Master had given on the subject of  The Virtuous Way and we were listening to his melodious voice as we went along.

After some time of our ascent, the road suddenly curved again, but this time it opened us onto a meadow. Through the open fields, the Great White Horse came directly towards us. I stopped the car to admire him. He put his head through my open window and became focused on the Master’s talk. This still focus went on until the talk ended, some 10 minutes had passed. As soon as Master finished, the Great White Horse whinnied gently and withdrew his head, turned and walked away without a backward glance.

Following this occasion, as I traveled several months later to San Francisco, my Chinese elder artist friend related to me the story of “The Great White Horse”.

It is said that a disciple of a perfected

A Master of spirituality had a disciple that had not been in touch or seen his teacher in some time. He had been called by his teacher, but was procrastinating making he journey to his feet, whereupon he encountered a large white horse.

On mounting the horse, the direction was decided for him by the Great White Horse, who returned him to his Master.


This rendering was made with minimal brush strokes, the load and pressure of one brush stroke giving tone and articulation to chest, muscle, leg, and hoof.

The eyes came into being after that wondrous meeting.


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